What We Do

We freeze dry candy (duh)

Who We Are

Arizona Bay Candy company is a two family operation

Our History

In a world where candy dreams are made of sugar and imagination, we stumbled upon an idea so brilliant, we just had to sink our teeth into it! Picture this: one fateful day, we decided to freeze-dry our obsession with candy, and boom, Arizona Bay Candy Company was born.

With more enthusiasm than a kid in a candy store, we dove headfirst into the freeze-dried candy universe. Armed with bags of sweets, a freezer, and a dash of insanity, we transformed ordinary candies into extraordinary freeze-dried wonders.

It's been a wild, sugar-coated ride, filled with experiments, sugar highs, and a few laughs along the way. But now, we're here to share the joy, the crunch, and the endless fun of freeze-dried candy with all of you! So, join us on this adventure, and let's turn your candy cravings into a freeze-dried frenzy of flavor and fun. Welcome to the sweetest addiction you'll ever embrace!

...or something like that